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Monday, June 13, 2011


Ok, so I know I haven't been around for a while...so instead of blubbering about how I'm terrible and how I feel super bad about not updating like I should I'll give you a recap of whats been going on and some ideas running through my brain of things to write about:

  1. My family and I drove to Portland, OR to celebrate my great-grandmother's 90th birthday
  2. My dad left for Israel on a business trip
  3. My mom and sister will be leaving on their trip to Kansas City for the summer (I have taken that trip twice, once with my mom and sister, and once with my grandparents. I already wrote about my first trip in the piece "Across the Country With Your Eyes Closed" but I want to expand on it and write about my trip with my grandparents in significantly detail)
  4.  We attended our annual family reunion picnic on my maternal grandfather's side
  5. All of this in between 20 hour work days and the days in between that I like to call "Julie gets to nap because she is over worked and under paid" days. 
I want to write about all of these things, I just need to find the time! One of these days...

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